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Vivado Cannot Open Include File


Dishwasher Hose Clamps won't open Count trailing truths Did a thief think he could conceal his identity from security cameras by putting lemon juice on his face? What do you call a relay that self-opens on power loss? exxus commented Mar 27, 2015 When adding cmake support it would be nice to have also mingw support on windows. After fixing this, MSVS complains about: Compiler Error C2370 'identifier' : redefinition; different storage class in logging.cc line 105, 107, 134, 1034, 175, 140, 142, 172, 138, 128, 166, 168 e.g.: http://haywirerobotics.com/cannot-open/fatal-error-c1083-cannot-open-include-file-39-thread-39-no-such-file-or-directory.html

how about a pull request on the google/glog to see what the maintainer says ? Glocke Newbie 70 exp Reply #3 — Posted 3yr ago by Glocke | Newbie | 70 exp Reply #3 — Posted 3yr ago by Glocke | Newbie | 70 exp GCC After renaming K to SCAN_K, I tried building with -s and -c options too, and the builds were successful. ARG3=C:\GCC_ARM_4_6 ARMINC=C:\GCC_ARM_4_6\lib\gcc\arm-none-eabi\4.6.2\include ARMLIB=C:\GCC_ARM_4_6\lib\gcc\arm-none-eabi\4.6.2 BHL_EXE=C:\PK4.3\BuildOutput\public\Release\server\dll\BuildHelper.exe BUILD_ROOT=C:\PK4.3\BuildOutput\public BUILD_ROOT_BASE=C:\PK4.3\BuildOutput BUILD_TEST_ROOT=C:\PK4.3\BuildOutput\public\Release\Test BUILD_TEST_TREE=C:\PK4.3\BuildOutput\public\Release\Test BUILD_TEST_TREE_CLIENT=C:\PK4.3\BuildOutput\public\Release\Test\client BUILD_TEST_TREE_SERVER=C:\PK4.3\BuildOutput\public\Release\Test\server BUILD_TREE=C:\PK4.3\BuildOutput\public\Release BUILD_TREE_CLIENT=C:\PK4.3\BuildOutput\public\Release\client BUILD_TREE_SERVER=C:\PK4.3\BuildOutput\public\Release\server CLRLIB=C:\PK4.3\Tools\Libraries CLRROOT=C:\PK4.3 COMMON_BUILD_ROOT=C:\PK4.3 COMPILER_TOOL=GCC COMPILER_TOOL_VERSION=GCC4.6 COMPILER_TOOL_VERSION_NUM=4.6 DOTNETMF_COMPILER=GCC4.6 FLAVOR_ARM=release FLAVOR_DAT=Release FLAVOR_MEMORY=Flash FLAVOR_PLATFORM=iMXS FLAVOR_WIN=Release FP_NO_HOST_CHECK=NO Framework35Version=v3.5 FrameworkDir=C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\ FrameworkDIR32=C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\ FrameworkVersion=v4.0.30319 FrameworkVersion32=v4.0.30319 http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/46dom.nsf/869c7412fe5d56b7852569fa007826e3/2ed3679ca5f39a3d85256d880073eb01?OpenDocument

Vivado Cannot Open Include File

Yes there was a K defined which had caused a conflict with Boost a few years back. #define K 6.0 //BUG/WARNING/CAUTION: using this macro may conflict with a 'class K' of Top Back to original post Leave a Comment Please sign in to add a comment. sergiud commented Dec 29, 2015 Glog 0.3.5 which includes CMake support has not been released yet. Fri, 04/03/2015 - 03:18 I had successfully compiled my code 6 months back with TBB version 3, but now when I try with version 4 or 3, it gives the errors

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  3. Also there are some problems with pthreads, because glog defines its own pthreads.
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  6. Here is the code (Eamorr_addon.cpp): #include #include #include #include #include "Definitions.h" #include "Rk.h" #include "tbb/concurrent_hash_map.h" //#include using namespace std; using namespace v8; static Handle Echo(const Arguments&
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  9. for SpinLock ^ cc1plus.exe: warning: unrecognized command line option "-Wno-unnamed-type-template-args" CMakeFiles\glog.dir\build.make:78: recipe for target 'CMakeFiles/glog.dir/src/logging.cc.obj' failed mingw32-make[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/glog.dir/src/logging.cc.obj] Error 1 CMakeFiles\Makefile2:94: recipe for target 'CMakeFiles/glog.dir/all' failed mingw32-make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/glog.dir/all] Error
  10. Now, if you substitute definition for D from Definitions.h you'll see what the issue is.

If D is supposed to be an integer (but who, except you, knows by that name?), you can do one of the following: enum { D = 2 }; or extern Why does the Minus World exist? Why is (a % 256) different than (a & 0xFF)? MinGW is simply missing functions that are required to compile glog.

Error: `make` failed with exit code: 2 at Array.0 (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/node-gyp/lib/build.js:118:25) at EventEmitter._tickCallback (node.js:192:40) ERR! Many thanks, –Eamorr Feb 15 '12 at 11:04 @Eamorr: Even though you explicitly requested Joachim to provide an answer, I took the liberty to inspect your code, too. Thu, 04/09/2015 - 03:05 Solved! http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/46dom.nsf/55c38d716d632d9b8525689b005ba1c0/c981064010ca908b85256d890019fefa?OpenDocument for SpinLock ^ D:/buildlibs/glogcmake/glog/src/windows/port.h:142:8: error: expected '}' before numeric constant D:/buildlibs/glogcmake/glog/src/windows/port.h:142:8: error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant In file included from D:\buildlibs\glogcmake\glog\src\utilities.h:78:0, from D:\buildlibs\glogcmake\glog\src\logging.cc:32: D:/buildlibs/glogcmake/glog/src/windows/port.h:142:30: error: expected declaration before '}' token

Hot Network Questions This is my pillow Should I allow my child to make an alternate meal if they do not like anything served at mealtime? Thank you sergiud commented Mar 30, 2015 My MinGW installation is missing the strerror_s and localtime_s functions, which are required for the implementation of strerror_r and localtime_r. Gflags_DIR:PATH=D:/libs/local/cmake Additionally you could add Cache variable in cmake to disable gflags. Browse other questions tagged c++ include tbb gyp node-gyp or ask your own question.

Vivado Include Path

Gflags already support cmake, it would be consistent to have glog supporting it also. I do not know what happened.... :-\ Page 1 of 1 out of 8 messages. Vivado Cannot Open Include File not ok Can anyone suggest anything? What you get is: ...

sergiud commented Mar 27, 2015 MinGW and CMake support are pretty much unrelated issues. http://haywirerobotics.com/cannot-open/cannot-open-include-file-gl-glut-h.html I haven't found the cause yet. Thank you very much. Building with mingw-w64 seems not to be supported.

share|improve this answer answered Jun 2 '15 at 3:38 sмurf 3,5041123 It was the byteswap.h file, your suggestion fixed the problem. Solution: Don't give macros a name that will probably clash. sergiud commented Mar 30, 2015 As a side note, you have to use the gflags_DIR CMake variable instead of Gflags_DIR now. check over here I downloaded tbb30_20100406oss and pointed all paths to it.

If this is the case reinstall package libc6-dev with the command sudo apt-get --reinstall install libc6-dev If this is not the case you will need to post here the full content Can you post the broken version of the file somewhere? (Just curious) –Volker Siegel Jun 2 '15 at 4:09 @VolkerSiegel, I no longer have it, sorry. Why is looping over find's output bad practice?

I still don't spot the problem.

Do we have "cancellation law" for products of varieties Should I allow my child to make an alternate meal if they do not like anything served at mealtime? You'll have to compile Glog from source. How to delete the lines from a file that do not contain dot? C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\VC\INCLUDE; C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\VC\ATLMFC\INCLUDE; C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\include\shared; C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\include\um; C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\include\winrt; SET INCLUDE ==> INCLUDE=C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual

not missing a semicolon)? –Some programmer dude Feb 15 '12 at 10:53 You're definitely on to something there. See the correlation? Thanks you very much in advance ukai added the enhancement label Mar 17, 2015 sergiud commented Mar 23, 2015 I've added CMake support to glog: https://github.com/sergiud/glog. http://haywirerobotics.com/cannot-open/cannot-open-include-file-pic-h.html Is that okay for you? –Sebastian Mach Feb 15 '12 at 11:52 add a comment| 2 Answers 2 active oldest votes up vote 8 down vote accepted #define macros are easy

In the release 0.3.4, the developers added the feature attempt to improve mingw-w64 support I hope they will continue adding mingw-w64 on windows with cmake. Also, it's not really that much compiler specific, this pragma is supported by at least GCC, MSVC and ICC. sergiud commented Jul 7, 2015 @bvanevery, good catch. Related 1171What is the difference between #include and #include “filename”?3016How to include a JavaScript file in another JavaScript file?2Tasks on Thread Building Blocks0C++ Compile and Build Command for Geany with

What could possibly be causing this? 14.04 compiling c++ g++ share|improve this question edited Jun 2 '15 at 3:40 asked Jun 2 '15 at 3:25 Akavall 2322317 add a comment| 1 What's the most robust way to list installed software in debian based distros? Perhaps logging out and back in (shortest explanation and greatest assurance) will allow the program to run when launched from NetBeans? Wed, 04/08/2015 - 00:49 My goodness!

Already have an account? exxus commented Mar 31, 2015 Thank you very much for your help. Rule of thumb: Every neat name clashes at least once in a lifetime and produce subtle and unreal error messages that might infect a poor maintainers (you?) nightly dreams with visions bvanevery commented Jul 14, 2015 sergiud, are you going to fix that in your repo?

Please help, as I'm stuck with this for 4 days already. template value_type fetch_and_decrement() { return fetch_and_add(__TBB_MINUS_ONE(2)); } ... Maybe that's why the .so.2's could not be found. The .sln files that glog proper provides, are only 32-bit when imported to Visual Studio 2013. 7 project upgrade errors are given, which might be worrisome.

exxus commented Mar 30, 2015 using mingw with win32 threads: PS D:\buildlibs\glogcmake\glog\build> mingw32-make Scanning dependencies of target glog [ 8%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/glog.dir/src/demangle.cc.obj [ 16%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/glog.dir/src/logging.cc.obj [ And I don't know if he is a newcomer or not, by default I suppose he is not. Not the answer you're looking for? Am using Linux localhost.localdomain 2.6.32-431.el6.x86_64 Thread model: posix gcc version 4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-11) (GCC) TBB version 4: On using /usr/local/tbb43_20150316oss/include /usr/local/tbb43_20150316oss/lib/intel64/gcc4.4/libtbb.so g++ -c -g -Iinclude -I../Estimator/include -I/opt/intel/composer_xe_2015.2.164/mkl/include -I/usr/local/tbb43_20150316oss/include -MMD

It seems that there have been attempts to do that in the past. value_type fetch_and_add( 2 addend ) { ... ldd shows: ldd assoc linux-vdso.so.1 => (0x00007fffd359a000) /opt/intel/mkl/lib/intel64/libmkl_rt.so (0x00007fbf705f9000) libtbb.so.2 => not found libtbbmalloc.so.2 => not found libstdc++.so.6 => /usr/lib64/libstdc++.so.6 (0x000000346e400000) libm.so.6 => /lib64/libm.so.6 (0x000000302be00000) libgcc_s.so.1 => /lib64/libgcc_s.so.1 (0x000000346e000000) libc.so.6 => When I comment out Rk.h and Definitions.h it appears to compile just fine!