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NF: YankRing can now monitor inserted text and place it in the ring. The proper way is to have a function/command that will be called whenever is the right time (say a FileType, a user command or in a plugin/myplugin.vim if the plugin really that happen before this call. Copy the yankring.vim script to your $HOME/.vim/plugin (or $VIM/vimfiles/plugin for windows) directory. check over here

NF: The yankring did not map v_x (Matt Tolton). Reload to refresh your session. OP had new ruby but old vim. BF: When using a Vim instance with < 80 columns and using a horizontal YankRing window after opening and closing the YankRing window the Vim window did not shrink back to

Reload to refresh your session. MechelynckNov 18, 2004 5:33 pm Daniel EinspanjerNov 20, 2004 9:33 am Subject:Re: Cannot register application objectFrom:Daniel Einspanjer ([email protected])Date:Oct 29, 2004 1:45:19 pmList:com.googlegroups.vim_useSorry, that should be RegisterActiveObject() and the others I was referring to Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. This means the contents of the yankring rely on the internal variables of only 1 Vim instance.

My VMware | VMware.comSearch ActivityBrowseAll ContentBlog PostsDiscussionsDocumentsPollsBookmarksPopular tagsCommunitiesGroupsPeopleLog inRegisterHomeVMTN Forums Mobile AppsBlogsTwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedInYouTubeGroupsPodcasts vSphere NSXVirtual SAN vCenterFusionWorkstationvExpertVMware {code} CloudCredSubmit a Link Home > VMTN > VMware Developer > Forums > Except for an empty message, we don't need * to post it then. */ if (*str == NUL) vim_free(str); else PostMessage(NULL, WM_OLE, 0, (LPARAM)str); return S_OK; } STDMETHODIMP CVim::Eval(BSTR expr, BSTR The only error I noticed in the log about my plugin was:com.vmware.vise.vim.data.adapters.search.impl.QueryExecutor object with no server guid: urn:vri:VcExtension:C7EBCA69-C086-4751-92FA-CC0CAC01B58C/com.myCompany.myApp.vSpherePluginSince I'm deploying to our company's production vCenter, I need to ask to get yankring_14.zip 1.4 2005-03-27 6.0 David Fishburn NF: YRToggle has been updated.If you toggle the yankring off (disable) the maps it creates are removed.Calling YRToggle again will recreate the maps.This truly disables

yankring_22.zip 2.2 2005-10-21 6.0 David Fishburn BF: If you pressed '?' to toggle the display of the help in the yankring window, the yankring window would close.This also applied to 'a', BF: Some documentation updates and script tweaks (Dominique Pell). For now you need to define it as a function directly in the class and use vim.command("autocmd ... BF: When entering Vim for the first time and the yankring_clipboard_monitor = 1, the clipboard entry was not automatically added to the yankring.

BF: When running a macro (@a), pressing @ displays a YankRing prompt (YR:Enter character:) to choose which macro name to run.This prompt was displayed twice leading to a "Press ENTER or BF: Changed the default value of g:yankring_paste_check_default_buffer to check if the default paste buffer has changed when pressing 'p'.For example, if a plugin has changed the default registers it will be I.e doing a vim.command from within the init function stops the plugin from being found when I do updateremoteplugins... BF: Using the '.' operator was not corrected replaying operations that did not move text in some way (g~t_) changed the case of the text but a '.' did not replay

  • yankring_110.zip 11.0 2010-08-12 7.0 David Fishburn NF: Documented the global variables to customize the location of the YankRing menu.
  • Re: Cannot register plugin package as vCenter Server emscroger Feb 27, 2015 9:37 AM (in response to laurentsd) I tried the theory that something is wrong with my zip.
  • BF: Under certain conditions the YankRing would still check the system clipboard even if g:yankring_clipboard_monitor == 0.This can lead to delays when attempting to access the clipboard when running in console
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YankRing 2.2 requires Vim 6.2 or higher. you could try here BF: Updated documented values of yankring_window_height and yankring_window_width (Paul). The GUI significantly simplifies your interaction with the yankring for basic functions.But often it useful to take advantage of the more powerful features of the yankring. I tried to register my plugin again, yet it still won't deploy.

runtime! http://haywirerobotics.com/cannot-register/cannot-register-actskn43-ocx.html NF: By default the yankring will now maintain the yankring's items persistently by default.It does this via the |viminfo| file. I set encoding to UTF-8. The YankRing plugin allows the user to configure the number of yanked, deleted and changed text.A split window can be used to choose which element(s) from the yankring you wish to

cw - Changes the word and stores the previous value in the yankring. 10"zyy - Places 10 lines into both the yankring and the "z register. :1,4YRYankRange - Similar to 1,4y NF: The location and name of the file is configurable by the user. I created the zip file and hosted the plugin zip on our storage server. this content if (ref > 0) --ref; return ref; } /*ARGSUSED*/ STDMETHODIMP CVimCF::CreateInstance(IUnknown *punkOuter, REFIID riid, void **ppv) { return app->QueryInterface(riid, ppv); } /*ARGSUSED*/ STDMETHODIMP CVimCF::LockServer(BOOL lock) { return S_OK; } /***************************************************************************** 4.

Obviously something bad happened to my system but I have no clue what it might be or how to go about troubleshooting it. :( Does anyone have any ideas on where Next I registered this global view plugin as an extension using the MOB interface. BF: Under some unknown circumstances, the yankring can fail to change to the correct buffer.Put in code to double check and abort.

Your mirror(s) may be out of date.

What do you have here:pacman -Si rubyOk, thanks!I already install it ) Offline Pages: 1 Index »Applications & Desktop Environments »Vim not working after update [Solved] Board footer Jump to Newbie BF: When replaying a macro which used any of the zap keys (f,F,t,T,/,?) you were prompted again for the string to match on (Ovidiu C). BF: When shifting focus back to Vim, the YankRing may incorrectly report: "YR:Failed to change to the yankring buffer, please contact author". Re: Cannot register plugin package as vCenter Server emscroger Feb 27, 2015 9:15 AM (in response to emscroger) So I worked with our IT admin to get a dev vCenter set

yankring_30.zip 3.0 2007-09-07 7.0 David Fishburn NF: Converted the yankring to use the new Vim7's List object which means it is no longer compatible with Vim6. dd - Adds the current line to the yankring and deletes it. 5yw - Adds 5 words to the yankring. "ade - Deletes the word, and puts it into both NF: When the YankRing window is displayed (or updated) an additional check is made against the default register.If it has changed since the YankRing recorded it, the value will be added have a peek at these guys Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox.

BF: It was not possible to paste from the * register if the clipboard option contains unnamedplus before unnamed (Marcin Szamotulski). Show 8 replies 1. BF: When repeating a command (".") which used any of the zap keys (f,F,t,T,/,?) you were prompted again for the string to match on (Vasilii Pascal). The class factory *****************************************************************************/ /* Definition * ---------- */ class CVimCF FINAL : public IClassFactory { public: static CVimCF *Create(); virtual ~CVimCF() {}; STDMETHOD(QueryInterface)(REFIID riid, void ** ppv); STDMETHOD_(unsigned long, AddRef)(void);

I haven't tried the tag with https because I don't have access to a server with certificates.Ideas, or next steps?-E Like Show 0 Likes (0) Actions 4. yankring_16.zip 1.6 2005-05-07 6.0 David Fishburn NF: YRSearch is similar to YRGetElem.Given a regular expression it will interactively display all the elements in the yankring that match the regular expression.You can package script version date Vim version user release notes yankring_190.zip 19.0 2015-07-27 7.0 David Fishburn Mostly documentation updates. You can also remove items from the yankring. ---- Partial Tutorial ---- Concentrating on the last line of the buffer you could see how we were able to replace our pasted

TheFunction()"). yankring_21.zip 2.1 2005-10-11 6.0 David Fishburn NF: Much improved usability, the yankring now has a "GUI" to service the yankring.If YRShow or YRSearch is used, a split buffer is opened which yankring_100.zip 10.0 2010-02-01 7.0 David Fishburn NF: Change the buffer name to [YankRing] to resemble other non-user buffers. long result = RegCreateKeyEx(HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, buffer, 0, NULL, REG_OPTION_NON_VOLATILE, KEY_ALL_ACCESS, NULL, &hKey, NULL); if (result != ERROR_SUCCESS) return; // Set the value if (value) RegSetValueEx(hKey, NULL, 0, REG_SZ, (BYTE *)value, (DWORD)STRLEN(value)+1); RegCloseKey(hKey);

I tried both Dev test modes to register the plugin, using old Windows vSphere Client (Manage Plug-ins) and using the MOB interface to register an extension. I did modify vSphere's allowHttp=true config so this should work in theory. Feedback is greatly appreciated.