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Cannot Set Pfto On /dev/vx/rdmp

And the following stack trace is displayed : client_trans_start + 6e8 req_vol_trans + 1f8 request_loop + adc main + fb0 (SR : QXCR1001154510) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2353427 (2337353) The vxdmpadm include(1M) They must be at the proper maintenance level, with additional AIX patches installed, before installing Veritas Storage Foundation. This contradicts the normal rule that only disk groups that are (non-temporarily) imported at the time of a crash are auto-imported. Example: # vxdmpadm exclude vxvm dmpnodename=emcpower25s2 # vxdmpadm exclude vxvm dmpnodename=emcpower24s2 # more /etc/vx/vxvm.exclude exclude_all 0 paths emcpower24c /dev/rdsk/emcpower24c emcpower25s2 emcpower10c /dev/rdsk/emcpower10c emcpower24s2 # controllers # product # pathgroups # #

VxVM vxunroot INFO V-5-2-78 A shutdown is now required to install the new kernel. Volume Manager interfaces are provided to step you through this level of disk initialization.A fully initialized disk can be added to a disk group and used to replace a previously failed The following stack trace is displayed: _evmmiscFree+0 () from /usr/lib/hpux32/libevm.so EvmConnDestroy+0x150 () from /usr/lib/hpux32/libevm.so volhp_evm_stop+0x30 () register_evm_events+0x60 () (SR: QXCR1001239087) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2737373 (2556467) When dmp_native_support is enabled, the Automatic This results in an I/O failure on all the nodes in the Campus Cluster (SR: QXCR1001221778) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2626915 (2417546) The raw devices are lost after an operating system reboot. https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.000087977

Recovery of the volumes with DRL logs takes a significant amount of time and prevents the returning node from joining the cluster. (SR: 8606491013 CR: JAGag43368) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 996994 (996992) Workaround: To check the status of the operation, look for text similar to the following in the log file /var/vx/isis/command.log. Disabling switch ports can cause I/O failures Disabling the switch ports on the secondary paths to an A/P array can cause I/O failures on the primary path. For me this server was like a patient who lost the hope to grow into healthy body ever & it was like a breathing dead body - can only breath (in

Generic_144488-12 - Completed post patch/upgrade things and system has now mirror volumes in place. [email protected]# pkginfo -x| grep "Live Upgrade" SUNWlucfg Live Upgrade Configuration SUNWlur Live Upgrade (root) SUNWluu Live Upgrade (usr) - Verify if all required patches for LU are installed on system. Accordingly, partitions are determined but the format determination fails for these false partitions and the disk goes to a state of error as shown in the example. [email protected]# vxdg import adbm After executing import on DG there might be the case that all volumes belonging to this DG may be in state - "DISABLED CLEAN" so, start all

Resolution: Modified the code to ensure that the size of the message does not exceed 64 KB. Spaces will show up as spaces. Adding operating system patches to the BE {Sol10u9}. Discover More File systems supported in cluster-shareable disk groups The use of file systems other than Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System (SFCFS) on volumes in cluster-shareable disk groups can cause system deadlocks.

Being an UNIX/Solaris system surgeon, I expected to operate on him and get him well-shaped with aesthetic body. This is done by creating a subdisk for the private partition in the space obtained from the swap partition. All you need to do is select the 1st disk in format, answer 'y' to question 'disk is not labelled, label it now?'. Therefore, old buffers (I/Os) will never get processed resulting in a system hang.

  1. Log in as superuser.Place the Veritas software disc in a CD-ROM drive connected to your system.Mount the CD manually: # mkdir -p /mnt/cdrom # mount -V cdrfs -o ro /dev/cdN /mnt/cdrom
  2. Creating upgrade profile for BE Sol10u9 Performing the operating system upgrade of the BE Sol10u9 Execute Command: /mnt//Solaris_10/Tools/Boot/usr/sbin/install.d/pfinstall -L /a -c /mnt/ /tmp/.liveupgrade.23762.28500/.luupgrade.profile.upgrade Adding operating system patches to the BE Sol10u9
  3. All partitions that are to be used as swap devices must be marked with the swap tag to be properly encapsulated. [13388] Protection of block 0 on disks Since the disk
  4. VxVM is tightly coupled with the operating system.
  5. A volume consists of one or more plexes, each holding a copy of the selected data in the volume.
  6. Some new features and tasks work only on disk groups with the current disk group version, so you need to upgrade existing disk groups before you can perform the tasks.
  7. This behavior occurs even if the node that is opening the LUN is not involved in the I/O activity, and even if is not busy in any other way. [616166] Failure

NOTICE: CMM: Quorum device 1 (/dev/did/rdsk/d20s2) added; votecount = 1, bitmask of nodes with configured paths = 0x3. [email protected]# cat get_bootdisk BOOTPATH=`prtconf -pv |grep bootpath | tr -d "'" | awk '{print $2}'` if [ -n "`echo $BOOTPATH | grep "/disk"`" ] ; then # The bootpath contains "disk," The workaround is to use the vxassist addlog command to add a DRL log plex, or the vxsnap command to add a version 20 DCO plex at the specified site (site=sitename). vmunix: GAB INFO V-15-1-20032 Port w closed Had[5145]: VCS ERROR V-16-1-1005 (emrdb2) CVMCluster:???:monitor:node - state: out of cluster VxVM vxconfigd DEBUG V-5-1-9447 slave requesting join VxVM vxconfigd DEBUG V-5-1-9441 slave -

By profession I am an UNIX Systems Administrator and have proven career track on UNIX Systems Administration. At the time of hang, the vxconfigd thread in the kernel shows that it is stuck in a transaction commit with the following stack trace: voldco_copy_pervolmaps+0x260() voldco_instant_resize+0x224() vol_mv_precommit+0x668() vol_commit_iolock_objects+0xe4() vol_ktrans_commit+0x378() volsioctl_real+0x4c8() Find it Loading... To work around this, relocate the data on the last partition of the disk to a volume on a different disk, and free the space by reducing the partition size to

Let's fix it. VxVM can discover unlabeled disks, but it cannot read their disk geometry, nor can it initialize them. But 6MB memory for caching is too small for a DCO region size of 16KB. If a mismatch occurs, the VxVM kernel prints a warning message on the console similar to the following message: WARNING: vxio: incompatible kernel version (5.X), expecting 5.X If this message is

In this example c0t0d0s0 is the slice that corresponds to the root file system on the boot disk. # mount -F ufs -o nologging /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0 /mnt Create the link. Anyway, the problem is solved now. PS: I am moving this thread to the Storage Foundation Forum: https://www-secure.symantec.com/connect/storage-management/forums/storage-foundation Handy NetBackup Links 0 Kudos Reply Hi, I already labelled the Jack_Ab Level 2 ‎08-07-2011 11:36 PM Options Mark

Disk_20 auto - - online hdisk32Adding hdisks into the Veritas Volume data groupUsing a command line shell script, hdisks can be added into the Veritas Volume datagroup(vxvmdg), as shown in Listing

Following output is seen when "vxclustadm nodestate" is executed. # vxclustadm nodestate state: joining NOTE: stuck in join reconfig: master selection NOTE: stuck in master selection (SR: QXCR1000929319) SYMANTEC Incident Number: The value of the "$disk_attr" variable comes out to be a line longer than 3000 bytes. The voldiosio_start() function encounters a NULL pointer and fails to cope with it. It will be used when you reboot.

Example 2: The final example restores the VxVM configuration information for the VxVM disk, disk01 for failed disk device c0t2d0, which was part of a single-disk disk group, foodg, to At the end of the process, the Veritas product installer is displayed again.You are prompted to enter the systems' names on which the software is to be installed. PDF (355 KB) | Share: Shashidhar Soppin ([email protected]), Staff Software Engineer, IBM Close [x] Shashidhar Soppin is a staff systems engineer on the IBM AIX UPT Release team in Bangalore, India. Resolution: The code is modified to check the status field of the disk along with the MBR signature. (SR: QXCR1001239016) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2852270 (2715129) During master takeover, the Veritas Volume

View the device details to verify the error. For this reason, the number of columns that are created in such a volume is always one more than the number specified. [Sun Bug ID 4976891] Error when using allocator type A typical symptom of this problem is that the kernel thread is spawned by CVM node id daemon, while in node id protocol, is stuck on vol_vold_in_join variable to be reset. It is important that both the vendor ID and product ID are specified for each such disk to avoid conflicts with similar disks in other arrays.

Typical device names are of the form hdisk(number), where (number) specifies a unique disk number starting at 0.Figure 1. For example, you need a full Veritas Volume Manager license to use the instant snapshot feature. Entering System Maintenance Mode Feb 14 23:41:26 su: 'su root' succeeded for root on /dev/console su: No shell /bin/ksh. Be aware that these options can result in data loss if used incorrectly.

The device c#t#d#s2 references the entire Solaris partition, but not the FDISK partition. Workaround: Restart the Storage Agent by executing the following command: /opt/VRTSobc/pal33/bin/vxpal -a StorageAgent -x [930615] Localization issues Upgrading language packages You must uninstall the old version of the language packages vxlicinst command outputInstall License:- # /sbin/vxlicinst Symantec License Manager vxlicinst utility version Copyright (C) 1996-2006 Symantec Corporation.