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Data Protector Cannot Accept Connections From Netio

When I am lucky, this is all backed up within 48 hours. The only way is the perform Import.   I guess you can perform a Mass import (if DP has any such options)   Regards, KK  

0 0 07/24/13--07:47: Re: I presume that by not using a free pool, you simply didn't have empty or unprotected media in the target pool.

0 0 06/03/14--02:43: Slow filesystem backups Contact us about this The downside, however, is that the size of the backup will be equivalent to the size of the disk/volume/partition that is backed up rather than the total size of the data have a peek here

This might give an idea about the performance without Ethernet being involved.

0 0 06/03/14--09:00: Re: Slow filesystem backups Contact us about this article Re Chris,   Your lots-of-small-files backups take the above parameter and past in /etc/services file in client location and try to execute the step1 and step2 once from cell manager you need to get the below result If there is no available port within the specified range, the port allocation fails and the requested operation is not done. Chapter 11527 Customizing the Data Protector EnvironmentFirewall SupportFirewall SupportThis section describes how to configure Data Protector in an environment where the Data Protector processes communicate across a firewall.Communication in Data Protector http://hpdp-errors.blogspot.com/2012/10/cannot-accept-connections-from-netio.html

Hope anyone can help? ieoesh09# telnet meadc01 5555. The latter one is specified by theOB2CHECKCHANGETIME variable.It means that the referential time, the time of the previous backup, received from the Session Manager is incremented by the specified period and I checked events on the cell manager and no issues were reported and also there were no network issues at the time.   The re-run of failed backups the morning after

All other values will disable functionality.   Best Regards

0 0 06/04/14--00:22: Re: Backup Failure - - [90:11] Unrecognized option "-mmhost" => ignored ignored"> Contact us about this article Hello DP CM on windows 2008 R2 64bit . We have not too many performance demanding applications running. i have 8 VTLs, backups were working fine suddenly the Slots from the VTLs are disappearing and causing jobs to fail, in the dataprtector 7.01 console.

Note that agent processes that do not dynamically allocate listen ports are not listed in the following table.Table 11-1Agent Identifiers        Data ProtectorAgentDescriptionPort Consumption ComponentIdentifier        Cell ManagerBSMBackup Session1 port per concurrently   Managerrunning BSM       RSMRestore Session1 port per Contact us about this article Folks - especially HP types - what's the word on Exchange 2013 support in DP 7.01?

0 0 07/24/13--01:44: Slots are disappearing Contact us about Trying to import a 4 yr old tape (which was made on another server/core/tape-drive(lto4) and obviously an earlier version of data protector), using a DP 6.2 core and lto5 tape-drive.  The over here This allows you to define a much smaller port range and so reduce the need of open ports through the firewall.You can limit the port range on a system on which

Specifically on Windows, restarting is not required when adding or changing entries, only when removing entries (or renaming the file).Most Often Used The most often used omnirc variables include:Variables•OB2BLKPADDING_n: This is a set By default, this time is set to 12:00 (Noon). The listen port is allocated by the BMA-NET /RMA-NETprocess. 530Chapter 11 << < 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 Next > < Back = Page 62 For details about adding security to your Data Protector cell, refer to theHP OpenView Storage Data Protector Installation and Licensing Guide. 522Chapter 11 Customizing the Data Protector EnvironmentGlobal Options File How

  1. Chapter 11525 Customizing the Data Protector EnvironmentUsing Omnirc Options•OB2DEVSLEEP: Changes the sleep time between each retry while loading a device.•OB2ENCODE: Allows a user to always turn on data encoding, regardless how
  2. If it stays fast, it's probably time to ponder upgrading to 8.12 for the IDB enhancements...   --- Veeam server (7.0 TB) Few large files   Now that is interesting.
  3. A snapshot control file is a read consistent copy of a database control file which RMAN creates because the control file is changed constantly.
  4. C: WINDOWS system32 drivers etc services.

Three algorithms are available: fill in sequence (default), balance size, and Chapter 11523 Customizing the Data Protector EnvironmentGlobal Options Filebalance number.•DailyMaintenanceTime: Determines the time after which the daily maintenance tasks can http://www.pageinsider.com/anjitkumar.blogspot.com.au The HP ESL library is unable to find the scsi address from OS end , either the scsi was changed ( or ) the HW / new tape drive was replaced GRE: When I try and install the SharePoint GRE Extension, I receive the following error: [Critical]    Post-installation script for the MS SharePoint Granular Recovery Extension failed with the output: Unhandled In other words, if the agent does not get an acknowledgment inOB2RECONNECT_ACK seconds, it will assume that the socket connection is no longer valid.•OB2RECONNECT_RETRY: Defines how long Data Protector should wait

scsimgr -f replace wwid -C t. navigate here ORA-00245: control file backup operation failed. I've attached a draft version of the document for your reference.

0 0 06/03/14--00:58: Re: How to take block-level images of disks without getting Section cannot be locked? This mechanism gives you more control over the ranges and helps to keep their sizes smaller.

If you see bma.exe processes with more than 60% CPU usage for some time, that might be the culprit.   It would also be a good idea to check LAN throughputs KEYWORDS ON PAGE PAGE KEYWORDS problem, solution, ping meadc01, mena, time=0, roundtrip ms, trying, omni, # dataprotector, iteo, posted by, email this, blogthis, resolution, syslog, lunpath, problem summary, omnirc, tmpl, procedure, Will this software work with Storeonce 4210 and how? Check This Out It is located in the/etc/opt/omni/options directory on the UNIX Cell Manager and in the\config\options directory on Windows Cell Manager.

ieoesh21# scsimgr -f replace wwid -C. For example, one specific agent can beoutside a firewall, while all other components are inside of it. Then re-run inventory and check.   Regards, KK

0 0 07/24/13--19:02: Re: DP 6.10 and Exchange 2007 single mailbox Contact us about this article I have exactly the same problem. 

if the cell manager is windows go to the below location.

For a list of daily maintenance tasks, refer to“Data Protector Checking and Maintenance Mechanism” on page 605.•DailyCheckTime: Determines the time after which daily check can begin, using thetwenty-fourhour clock notation. For options not described in this guide, refer to the file itself.To use a global option, uncomment the line that has the option name and set an appropriate value. If additional media are needed during the same backup session, empty or unprotected media are used. On UNIX, permissions will be set according to your umask settings and may be such that some processes may be unable to read the file. Set the permissions to 644 manually. • When changing the

The Disk Agents and Media Agents use the values of these options. These options are found in the following locations:Locations• /opt/omni/.omnirc onHP-UXand Solaris clients • /usr/omni/.omnirc on other UNIX clients • \omnirc on Windows clients • HP OpenView Storage Data Protector A. 06.00: INET, internal build DPWIN 00488, built on Saturday, November 13, 2010, 10:54 AM. Restart the backup on DP Server and everything will be fine.   Good luck!

0 0 07/24/13--19:03: Re: None of disk agent completed successfully when backing up single maibox by http://haywirerobotics.com/data-protector/data-protector-cannot-connect-to-the-scm.html The usual symptom of IDB starvation is phases of several seconds (up to minutes) of rds.exe going 100% CPU on a single core, during which the GUI stops to update anything

I am running ~4 disk agents per 2 TB LUN already and utilized TreeSizeFree to measure sizes in order to assign Disk Agents accordingly. scsimgr -f replace wwid -C. By default, both variables are not set and ports are assigned dynamically by the operating system. Limiting the Range of Port NumbersFor All DataYou can limit the port range for all Data Protector processes If they come up with proper full label.

Restart the backup on DP Server and it will run properly.   Good luck guys!

0 0 07/24/13--21:12: Re: Filesystem backup error: Bad catalog access for message #1033 in set Your feedback is much appreciated!   Issue:-----------------------------------------------Backup of the servers mentioned below is taking ages. Note that the firewall needs to be configured separately and that the specified range does not affect theInet listen port.For configuration examples, refer to “Firewall Support” on page 528. Below error message from.

Note that the firewall needs to be configured separately and that the specified range does not affect theInet listen port.Example OB2PORTRANGE=40000-40199This sets the port range to ports from 40000 to 40199.•OB2PORTRANGESPEC: Contact us about this article When the appendable option is used, only the first medium a backup session uses can contain backed up data from a previous backup session, that is, Cant find anything on the internet.   Thank you!

0 0 06/03/14--03:19: Re: Slow filesystem backups Contact us about this article Hi Chris,   the issues with lots of small If you already run these backups with Log folders only, you should not starve the backups due to IDB load.

Log on to the cell manager and go to “ /etc/services “ and take the default service of omni by issuing the command. target path (class = tgtpath, instance = 11) The lun path is (class = lunpath, instance 67). Please note this SQL server is shared and is not dedicated for SharePoint DBs I decided to install SPF2010 SP2 on a Windows Server 2012 server as this is now officially All Rights Reserved.

Regards, Shishir

0 0 07/25/13--20:11: Data protector 6.20 + Storeonce backup Contact us about this article Hello, our company is about to buy disk-based backup solution (10 TB capacity).