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Emacs Cannot Open Termcap Database File Centos

Beginning with version 22.1, a parenthesis or a brace in column zero is highlighted in bold-red face if it is inside a string or a comment, to indicate that it could For example, strange problems, such as Emacs exiting when you type "C-x 1", were reported when Emacs compiled with Xaw3d and libXaw was used with neXtaw at run time. Then when I went to run Emacs, I got the error Cannot open termcap database file. This happens because KDE's defaults apply its color and font definitions even to applications that weren't compiled for KDE. navigate here

I'm sure xfig's mum thinks it's cool. The cause is the Ubuntu appmenu concept. As a workaround, go to the settings dialog for the Clipboard widget and select the option "Ignore Selection". What do you think is the best approach to this problem ? Discover More

This is caused by a bug in the KDE applet 'klipper' which periodically requests the X clipboard contents from applications. Or you could recompile Emacs with an -Wl,-rpath option that gives the location of the correct libotf. * General runtime problems ** Lisp problems *** Changes made to .el files do In particular the schumacher-clean fonts have this bug in some versions of X. Is there any way of making it watch for changes of files on disk?

But a couple of things can mess this up, for example if the TERMINFO environment variable exists and is pointing to somewhere other than a terminfo database or if the TERM This package tries to define more private charsets than there are free slots now. Aug 26, 2010 I am using xubuntu and there are a few types of files on website that instead of downloading and saving and then opening with emacs, I would rather The binary GNU/Linux package lesstif-devel-0.92.0-1.i386.rpm was reported to have problems with menu placement.

You can remedy the problem by installing additional fonts. www.linuxquestions.org Hello, I have an email that I need to send out every month(the contacts are different but recipients are the same). 1 person is in the TO column 2 people Thanks a lot for your help in advance. http://qiita.com/ysekky/items/ff3a4f2ed6d5ec4f726e This happens if your system puts a small limit on stack size.

For example, XFree86 4.3.0 has one version and Gnome usually comes with a newer version. A solution is to exit the offending X programs before starting Emacs. "undefined color" messages can also occur if the RgbPath entry in the X configuration file is incorrect, or the I'm a windows user learning Linux, I've played with Mint, Ubuntu, kali, and Security Onion. Emacs can't do anything about it. ** International characters aren't displayed under X. *** Missing X fonts XFree86 4 contains many fonts in iso10646-1 encoding which have minimal character repertoires (whereas

General :: Where To Find Network Database File Server :: Accessing Database In FBD Data File Server :: Import A Database File In Mysql? If Emacs was started from a terminal, you see the message: Error saving to X clipboard manager. If you are really unlucky, your terminal is connected to the computer through a concentrator which sends XON/XOFF flow control to the computer, or it insists on sending flow control itself Any ideas why I am running into these issues and how I can fix them?

View 2 Replies View Related Ubuntu :: Kubuntu 10.04 LTS - To Open Wdb Or Mdb - Database File Oct 20, 2010 I'm using kubuntu 10.04 LTS and i need to check over here If Emacs takes two minutes to start up on X11R6, see if your X resources specify any Adobe fonts. C-s/C-q flow control is bad for Emacs editors because it takes away C-s and C-q as user commands. This is known to occur for character number 160 (no-break space) in some fonts, such as Lucida but Emacs sets the display table for the unibyte and Latin-1 version of this

To check thoroughly for such resource specifications, use 'xrdb -query' to see what resources the X server records, and also look at the user's ~/.Xdefaults and ~/.Xdefaults-* files. *** Emacs running One of them uses the 'flock' system call. Now, I want to do something like this: whenever I connect via telnet and execute the command, if I have certain output, I want to send an e-mail. his comment is here C-h c should say what kind of event it read.

Dia is good, but has no flip-flops in its logic library and none of my searching has found any for it; similarly for Inkscape. Welcome to the most active Linux Forum on the web. paste disabled even if you should be able to paste, and similar).

Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started

Time is ressing me. Pollen Ota09. Emacs prints a warning when loading a .elc file which is older than the corresponding .el file. Furthermore, this seems only to happen in *.UTF-8 locales; zh_CN.GB2312 and zh_CN.GBK locales, for example, work fine.

The usual error in installing GCC is to specify --includedir=/usr/include. If the problem persists with other sizes as well, your text is corrupted, probably through software that is not 8-bit clean. In the choice of changing the opening program from mousepad to something else, it says search and allows to navigate to find a program, but I cant find emacs anywhere not weblink If your spell-checking program is Aspell, it has been reported that if you have a personal configuration file (normally ~/.aspell.conf), it can cause this error.

This does not affect the use of Emacs's own input methods, which are part of the Leim package. 2) If the connection is very slow, you might also want to consider It is due to a bug in NFS (or certain NFS implementations), and there is apparently nothing Emacs can do to detect the problem. Another possible cause for "misalignment" error messages is that the version of Ispell installed on your machine is old. View 2 Replies View Related Server :: Accessing Database In FBD Data File Feb 19, 2011 We purchased a new database system at work last October, ditching the old system because

In the left frame I edit the code, in the right frame I navigate through files and directories in Dired mode.It is possible to tell Emacs that anytime I choose the Bash Serial Port Write Then Read03. I search for Emacs to open it, but browsing gets me no where. Is device auto detection is a S/W(OS) logic or H/W(mechanical) logic or both?