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Error Cannot Initialize Hook Library Is Synergy Already Running

BloodPhilia I'm so proud! Helpful Not helpful Thanks for your feedback! Patches thoughtfully considered. Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox. http://haywirerobotics.com/error-cannot/error-cannot-initialize-hook-library.html

We hope to improve this feature in future versions until it is one of those “can't live without” sort of things. End of discussion Mark Szymanski 5:19 PM @Sathya: Correct. If you list 'Orange' to be to the left of 'Orange' then moving the mouse off the left edge of 'Orange' will make it jump to the right edge. For those systems it will be easier to use the FQDN as the screen name. http://kav.in/troubleshooting-synergy-keyboard-mouse-sharing/

All systems should be using the same keyboard layout, though, for all characters to work. (Any character missing from a client's layout cannot be generated by synergy.) There is experimental support studiohack @DMA57361 what? If you list Orange to be to the left of Orange then moving the mouse off the left edge of Orange will make it jump to the right edge. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

Suggest a replacement URL: OkCancel Blog | About Us | FAQ | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved. For example, a computer with the fully qualified domain name xyz.foo.com has the hostname xyz. you've got to be kidding me @MarkSzymanski Mark Szymanski @studiohack: I am not. Once SSH authenticates itself, start the Synergy client normally, except use localhost or as the server's address.

studiohack now we're gonna have browser flame wars, @Sathya started it points ;P and that's your opinion @MarkSzymanski :) Sathya IE is a fail. Mokubai I thought you'd found some special blink/colour change/extendy text thing there, then read "edited 7 times" It gave a pretty cool effect tho Matt Jenkins 2:24 PM That was Add details like what version of your OS, and the architecture. additional hints Check out the latest downloadable searchcode server release published under fair source.

synergy2.wiki.sourceforge.net /Faq This link is broken. Synergy uses SSL encryption (available to Pro edition users). how @Sathya? Given that, synergy should not be used on or over any untrusted network, especially the Internet.

Please flag with care: Offensive or Abusive Spam Ambiguous Garbage Duplicate Inaccurate or Outdated Comment (optional): FlagCancel What's wrong with this link? http://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/118/2011/3/23/12-21 The chat isn't the place for questions. This also applies between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of all the operating systems. There!

Errors My client can't connect. this content Future versions may provide built-in encryption and authentication.

Strong encryption and authentication is available through SSH (secure shell). Mark Szymanski I hate it when people post the same question twice. Even turning off acpi, apic, lapic etc gives nothing Anyone know how I can turn on some verbose output so I can see what it's doing?

  1. However, when the mouse is on a client screen, pressing ctrl+alt+pause will simulate ctrl+alt+del on the client. (A client running on Windows NT, 2000, or XP must be configured to autostart
  2. Matt Jenkins Inserting stuff inside a list on this system is annoyingly hard.
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This error can occur on a Synergy server running on a Microsoft Windows operating system. terminal encoding text-editors mac-os nano Wil :P lol... Cursor Stuck in bottom corner of machine on windows On Windows machines with HiDPI screens, Synergy malfunctions. weblink There is a bug involving Windows 8/10 and high-resolution screens.

The cursor goes to secondary screen but won't come back. Reload to refresh your session. « first day (229 days earlier) ← previous day next day → last day (2057 days later) » 00:00 - 12:0012:00 - 21:0021:00 - 00:00 Mokubai x2vnc is also limited to two computers, requires the separate VNC package, and is really only appropriate for using an X system to control a non-X system.

Mark Szymanski Yeah, @TheAdamGaskins.

If you turn this on then be aware that Synergy may not function correctly when certain programs, particularly the command prompt, are the foreground when you switch to other screens. If there's a problem with the answer itself, please flag the answer instead. Some common ones are things like Connection timed out or Connection refused. What security/encryption does synergy provide?

studiohack clarified, thanks @MarkSzymanski Mark Szymanski Yep, you're welcome. NEED MOAR FLAGS! 4 studiohack I ran out of votes with 18 hours left to the UTC day @Sathya Sathya heh :P studiohack I'm so desperate for flags First, turn up the logging level (for most cases) to at least Debug. check over here You must provide both in the configuration.

Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. I think I may have to build myself an entire computer out of old bits just to use a serial port - I don't have a single computer with serial, nor However fn+delete really is delete so fn+ctrl+command+delete will act as ctrl+alt+del on a windows secondary screen. If you run SecureAnywhere, it does this too.

Can't seem to get the Ubuntu 10.10 disk to boot up in VMWare Server Gets past grub, but no more. Why do my Caps-Lock, Num-Lock, Scroll-Lock keys act funny? Mokubai 12:57 PM That sounds slooooow it was at 50 gig an hour and a half ago... In the old days, you would have to dig into the printer's settings or print a label on the front of the printer to find its IP address and add it

TheAdamGaskins Well I found something related to Excel, but it didn't have any error details hm so supposedly I have enough rep to add bounties but... Earlier versions of synergy would not allow switching screens when a key was down and sometimes it would believe a key was down when it was not.

  • I Mokubai @Linker3000 I tried doing what it said but then it just says "oh, feck, it failed, no worries... Mark Szymanski Rimshots?

    Mark Szymanski Set up a bounty. Once SSH authenticates itself, start the Synergy client normally, except use localhost or as the server's address. That's the computer name not including the domain. We have implemented Ctrl+Alt+Pause/Break as a workaround, which will send a Ctrl+Alt+Del sequence across to the client.

    Matt Jenkins Nope. 2 hours later… TheAdamGaskins 8:04 PM Can somebody tell me how to get an application event log....? It means that Synergy is already running or possibly was not shut down properly.